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  1. Hi Sonia,
    Go Harriet Tubman $20.00 bill, she had a great leadership skills, I guess the marketing kinda got around word through mouth. There’s a lot of folk who will sell your item for you I suspect if your, good. I am already marketing you to my friends. However, apart from my 30 + yrs of doing my Tai Chi forms, my teaching skills are what I am trying to highlight. I can explain this Tai Chi in such detail that I can touch every learner. However am having a problem teaching more than one person which is why I am going viral. My client tell is gonna have to come from my social interactions, other business owners, and consumers plus those who stay viral. Shark tank talks a lot about copy write, intellectual property laws. I’ll explore that a little more later. Health/Tai Chi so far is at a tipping point. I am looking at sports players because I have personally experienced the results of superior legs. Tai Chi will give you superior legs, calfs, thighs and circulation. I thought about approaching dance schools, Also looking to approach corporate. Looking to find that niche in promoting and Viral is what’s up. Tks for your inspiration I’ve saved all your post and will review.

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