You don’t have to do it anymore.

You don’t have to chase after your ideal customers to get them to see your value.

You don’t have to hop around from tactic to tactic trying to find one that will actually work for you.

And you don’t have to wait any longer to finally start realizing the freedom and other benefits that come with being an entrepreneur.

You don’t have to do any of that anymore. Not if you don’t want to.

That’s because right now, you can start implementing a single simple solution that will help you end your customer shortage problem. A solution that gets the people who can benefit most from what you have to offer to run to you.

It’s time to put your business on a stage

A while back, I was roaming around Buenos Aires, and came across this band playing in the streets.

There was a crowd of people lined up to watch the show.

There were people taking photos.

And during a brief break, I watched as onlookers waited to take pictures with the singer.

This wasn’t a famous group. Most of the people waiting to take the photos hadn’t even heard of this singer before waiting to capture a photo with her.

But the group was in front of the room (or the street), on a stage they created for themselves, right in the middle of the action where people could enjoy their music. They had captured their attention, and commanded an instant degree of respect and wonder.

As a result, they gained new fans, made new contacts, and sold some CD’s.

You’ve got to do the same with your business.

You’ve got to put your business on a stage. A stage where your ideal customers are sure to see you. Then you’ll increase your prominence, your value, and your perceived level of authority.

And you create that stage for yourself when you implement a content marketing system. A system that demonstrates your expertise by solving your ideal customers problems with valuable and consistent content.

As a result, you will stand out. You will make connections. And you will get customers.

Here’s what Dorie Clark had to say about how content marketing helped transform her business.

The myth of hit publish and prosper

Let’s get one thing clear first. Implementing a content marketing system is not a magic pill that you take one day, and wake up the next with customers beating down your door.

It doesn’t work that way. Most things don’t. It’s a longer-term strategy that builds over time. And as you start to gain momentum, you start to get known. Your ideal customers start to recognize your expertise. And soon enough, you become the one they have to work with.

And winning with content marketing doesn’t happen by just publishing a bunch of content at random either. To make it work for you, you’ve got to have a clear plan for how to use it to get you from where you are, to where you want to go.

Otherwise, you’ll be back where you started. You’ll work hard on a promising approach that’s worked for countless others, only to get frustrated when nobody cares. And that’s definitely no bueno.

You need a strategy for your content that will get you results.

Research from Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs shows that those with a documented content strategy consider themselves more effective with their content and social media channels.

But even though the data indicates that a content strategy is essential to reaching your goals, 70% of businesses lack a consistent or integrated content plan. And when you consider these numbers, it’s easy to understand why one study showed only 30% of marketers say their company is effective when it comes to content marketing.

I don’t want that to be your story. So I created just what you need to effectively put your expertise on the stage where it belongs.

Introducing The Customer Magnet:

The course that takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a content strategy that works for you

The material will show you how to create a simple plan that’s designed to help you achieve the specific results you desire in your business.

There’s no one size fits all templates here. The course will enable you to build a content marketing system that takes into account your goals, your customers, your business, and your unique traits.

I designed it that way, because after a few years of bouncing around trying to figure out how to make this work for my own business, I eventually was able to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

And when I say I spent the time bouncing around trying to figure it out, I mean that literally.

Since I’ve started my business I’ve published:

  • more than 100 articles on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, including places like Inc., Success, and Huffington Post
  • more than 80 podcast episodes
  • 10 guest appearances on other people’s podcasts
  • a book, workbook, and eBooks
  • almost 100 YouTube videos
  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • A Slideshare, Infographic, and a virtual summit with nearly 40 expert interviews

I also attended 7 conferences on content and digital marketing, have taken several courses on it, and have spent countless hours online studying it.

You name it, I’ve probably tried it. And through it all I learned. And I learned. And I learned all about what works and what doesn’t. I was able to see the big picture of the content marketing landscape.

And as I worked to discover how to get results for me and my clients, I figured out how to connect the dots so I could explain it to you in simple and easy to understand format.

As a result, I even earned a few fancy certifications from Copyblogger and Hubspot, authorities in content marketing:

As I started to put the pieces together, I applied it to my own strategy. Then I began publishing what I learned so others could benefit.

Experts in the field started to take notice of my philosophy as well.

  • Jerod Morris, VP of Marketing at Rainmaker Digital
    Sonia is brilliant when it comes to online marketing strategy
    Jerod Morris, VP of Marketing at Rainmaker Digital
  • Glen Long, Managing Editor at Smart Blogger
    Believe me – Sonia knows content. In fact, she’s one of the first people I think of whenever we need a post written for our blog about content strategy or a deep dive on the tactics for creating truly “epic” content. Her warm, approachable style – both in her writing and in person – makes potentially complex topics easy and enjoyable to learn.
    Glen Long, Managing Editor at Smart Blogger

I invested all the time, effort, and resources figuring out how to use content marketing as a means to consistently acquire customers, and I’m delighted to share it with you so you don’t have to do it on your own.

And now I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about how to create a content plan that builds your business, and put it into a course.

  • Pamela Wilson, Founder at Big Brand System & author of Master Content Marketing
    Sonia’s Customer Magnet course is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to get a handle on exactly what they should be aiming to accomplish with their content marketing efforts. It’s very thorough and takes you from planning to implementation with solid information every step of the way.
    Pamela Wilson, Founder at Big Brand System & author of Master Content Marketing
  • Sonia is a great instructor and her conversational style makes it easy to follow along with the content in The Customer Magnet. I love how she brings in memorable, personal examples to illustrate her points. Look out for some really adorable family photos! This approach makes it so easy to retain the key points from the lessons and see how to apply these concepts in your own business. The supplemental worksheets, templates, and slides help you to visualize and carry out your next steps. You really get the sense that Sonia is your personal cheerleader, rooting for you to succeed—and she sets out a clear path for you to do so.
    Melissa Suzuno, Copywriter, Editor, & Content Marketer at Melissa Suzuno
  • Raubi Perilli, Founder at Simply Stated Media
    The surefire way to waste time with content marketing is starting before you know what you are doing. You can spend months creating content, thinking you are doing the right thing only to later realize you had no strategy and therefore no results. That’s why Sonia’s course is so great. It teaches you what you need to know about content creation so you can start strategic content marketing from the start. There’s no reason to waste months creating, testing, and failing when you can use Sonia’s course to leapfrog over the guesswork and get right to the concepts that will help you achieve results.
    Raubi Perilli, Founder at Simply Stated Media
  • Christina Griffin, Founder at Splendorlust
    I just finished the course (and downloaded everything I could so I can make a binder) – it was FANTASTIC! You not just covered the basics, but definitely provided insight on the ‘WHY’s and the ‘HOW’s of content strategy – bucketed in a way that makes it easy to understand and easy to apply. I was wondering at the beginning how someone like me, with a business that has tangible goods that is not all about online content, could benefit. But, as I completed Module 3, I saw the real benefit of the delivery and distribution of content via targeted channels would be beneficial for any business trying to build relationships with a global customer base.
    Christina Griffin, Founder at Splendorlust

Here’s What You Will Learn in the Course

Module 1: Begin with the End in Mind

How to build a strategy designed to achieve your goals

Lesson 1: How to set the goals that guide all your efforts

Lesson 2: How to connect your vision to your content

Lesson 3: Where to focus your energy for quick impact

Module 2: Get to Know Your Business’s Soul Mate

How to figure out what to say, how to say it, and where to say it to get results for both your and your ideal customers

Lesson 1: Why you need to commit to “the one”

Lesson 2: How to find out what your ideal customer really wants

Lesson 3: How to strategically use what you know about your ideal customers in your content

Module 3: Identify Your Core Content Pillar

How to decide which type of content is best to position you as the expert

Lesson 1: Why you need a content pillar

Lesson 2: Types of content pillars

Lesson 3: Key considerations for choosing the ideal content pillar for you

Module 4: Design a Plan to Move Your Ideal Customers to Action

How to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make your customer magnet run like a well-oiled machine

Lesson 1: The stages your ideal customer must go through to become your “actual” customer

Lesson 2: Types of content for each stage

Lesson 3: How to identify what content to use for each stage

Module 5: Additional Strategic Elements to Turbocharge Your Results

How to incorporate the small details that make a big difference to your efforts

Lesson 1: Why details make all the difference

Lesson 2: The details you need to consider for your content strategy

Lesson 3: How to identify which conversion elements are right for you

As a result of going through the materials and the exercises, you’ll be able to create a simple plan to guide your marketing efforts that will free you and your expertise from the small business ghetto, and help you take your rightful place as an in-demand expert in your field.

Now just in case you were wondering, content marketing can work for you:

  • even if you’re not a writer
  • even if you’re new to your industry
  • even if you hate marketing

That’s because you can design a simple plan that works for you that is tailor made for your specific business needs, your situation, and your specific personality traits.

Grab your step-by-step guide now.

There’s no risk to you to get started

Go through the course. And if for some reason you aren’t able to create your simple content strategy that builds your business within 30 days of your purchase, I’ll give you a full refund.

money back guarantee

It’s time to create your own business magic

No need to sit and wait for the opportunities to come to you.

Put your power to good use, and get The Customer Magnet Course today. Create the stage that will showcase your expertise by adding value to the people who need it.

I’ll be waiting to walk you through everything you need to know. Step-by-step.