09: Donald Kelly on why selling in your business is your moral obligation

Donald Kelly, also known as “The Sales Evangelist” hosts a podcast of the same name.

Donald coaches sales professionals on how to improve at their craft.  He recently launched his 4 Week Sales Acceleration Course to help other business owners and sales professionals improve their selling habits.

As a business owner, selling is a major part of your job, so we can learn a lot from Donald and the message he evangelizes, so this interview is a real treat.

So make sure you listen closely to find out why selling in your business is your moral obligation!

Key points:

  • Why sales is so important to entrepreneurs
  • What sales is really about
  • Why sales should be viewed as a culture in your business
  • The one thing that’s essential to being successful at sales
  • Why being outgoing is not a pre-requisite for being a good sales person
  • Why you need to increase your vision for your business
  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs

Listen to the 27-minute episode here:

Watch the show here:

Show notes:

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