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  1. Wow, such a great collection of stories from different people. I’ve not watched them all yet, but have bookmarked it for later.

    Thank you for putting this together, Sonia. I feel honored to be included in this great line-up.

    • Thank YOU Henneke! I learned so much from your story – and just from watching you. Thanks so much for sharing so openly and willingly and being a part of this event :)

  2. Enjoyed this inspirational read! We embarked on establishing our funeral and cremation business almost two years ago, having walked away from a lucrative but not so secure comfort in a corporation. Existing TOTALLY on faith, these testimonies offer timely encouragement! Thank you!

    • Faith is essential when running a business! I’m so glad you are holding on to yours JeMese, and that this post was able to give you some inspiration to help you hold on. :) KEEP GOING!

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