18: How to build a business with little to no resources

Chris Krimitsos is the founder of Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO), a business growth community for entrepreneurs.

The community provides networking, education, and leadership opportunities for their members.

In addition, Chris also runs a podcast, Story Jam Theatre, a unique show that allows guests to share stories of experiences that have deeply touched them.

We can learn a ton from Chris’ resourcefulness in how to build a business with little to no resources.

Key points:

  • How to validate your business idea on the cheap
  • How to foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals
  • What to do after a disastrous business situation
  • The one thing that can make up for a lack of knowledge when building a business
  • Why not having money isn’t an excuse for not succeeding
  • A cool way to use your birthday to launch a successful event
  • A common trait of really successful people

Listen to the 22-minute episode here:

Watch the episode here:

Show notes:

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