06: How to choose the right voices to listen to as you build your business

Femi Agbayewa is the founder of Real Livin’ Films, a full-service production and film company. Real Livin’ Films has produced works such as God’s Own Country and the romantic comedy Brooklyn Shakara.

Femi wrote and directed both of these works for the big screen.  And now he’s expanding his repertoire as he branches out to direct On The Rise, a program that highlights the journey, trials, and successes of entrepreneurs around the globe.

We can learn a lot from Femi’s perseverance in charting his own path and creating a space for himself within a tough industry.  So I’m super excited to share his story and the lessons he’s picked up along the way.

Key points:

  • What to do when the world doesn’t care as much about your project as you do
  • What the true measure of success is
  • The essential thing you need to keep going when things don’t seem to go your way
  • How to balance input from others vs. your own intuition as you build your business
  • The best way to expand your horizon and perspective

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Show notes:

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