04: How to get the confidence you need to build the business you want

Henneke is the founder of Enchanting Marketing, where she’s been working hard since 2011 helping business owners win clients with their words.

This irreverent copywriter and business writing coach has made a big splash with her books, blog courses, and courses that teach entrepreneurs how to stop using gobbledygook in favor of sparkling words that woo readers.

Henneke knows her stuff, and we can learn a lot from her journey, specifically when it comes to how to treat yourself as an entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • A simple process to use to get over your fear
  • How to effectively silence your critics (both inside and outside your mind)
  • Why getting moving is sometimes more difficult on your own than with a big company, and what to do about it
  • The truth about mistakes and the entrepreneurial learning curve
  • The often overlooked trait that is the basis for building a successful business


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Show notes:

I Am the One Challenge:

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