02: How to hit the refresh button to create a business and life you love

Ekene Onu is a holistic success coach at Refresh with Ekene.

As a speaker, coach, mastermind group leader, as well as creator and facilitator of unique retreats, Ekene helps women go from stuck to fabulous.

We can learn so much from Ekene’s approach to building a life and a business that works for you. So I’m eager to introduce you to her so you can get refreshed too.

Key points:

  • What you have to do before you’re able to gain clarity about the direction of your life
  • Why you should become your own guru
  • How to ease your way into a major life change
  • Why it often takes two to three iterations of an idea to get it right
  • What to do after an initial failure
  • The right way to build your confidence
  • Why it is ok if your business doesn’t make money right away

Listen to the 35-minute episode here:

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Show notes:

I Am the One Challenge:

Apply the key lessons from this episode with this challenge question on “Your winning personality.”  I prepared a worksheet to help you think about and answer the challenge question for your business.

When you grab this worksheet, you’ll also have access to the worksheets for every episode moving forward.

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    • Sonia Thompson says

      And as a listener of your show – your personality definitely comes through. And it’s awesome! :) Keep doing what you love – it totally shines through!

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