23: How to put your ego in check to grow your business

Mario Jannatpour, also known as The Honest Real Estate Agent, is a Realtor, author, trainer, and podcaster.  In addition to serving his own clients, he’s also committed to helping realtors build successful businesses.

We can learn a ton from Mario, specifically his approach putting his ego in check to accelerating the growth of his business.

Key points:

  • Two things to consider before writing a book
  • How to take advantage of slow times in business
  • What to do with your ego when you’re starting something new
  • The essential thing you need to turn a failure into a success
  • The type of help you need to get as soon as possible when building your business
  • Simple ways to broaden your knowledge to grow your business
  • The truth about following your passion

Listen to the 23-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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