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  1. Thks for keeping me on board
    My plan is to review all of your past post.
    Buy a special note Pad, and elegant pen for notes.
    Make a 1 year goal plan broken down in 3 month goal post.
    Will make my dream team support system and a business plan
    and focuss. Once I get a solid plan up and running.
    I’ll have no problem riding your train. I have started to refer you
    to my friends.

    I noticed that Tai Chi has improved my dance like 150%, as far as
    keeping up with teenagers. I think I will follow your lead often thought
    about ballroom, salsa and african dance. I think my target audience will
    be dancers because Tai Chi simutainiously loosens all joints, rotates and opens
    hips, knees, toes adds circular flow with the arms all makes for a rhymics swagger to any
    beat and I’ll be an moving example for all the dancers to notice.
    defintely going to get he meditation app. Tai Chi is great for mindfulness and meditation.
    Preparing for a hand surgery and shoulder should be up and running in a 3 months from July.

    Great Health, Wealth, and Spirit

    • Glad to have you here Greg. You always list so many wonderful benefits of tai chi – I definitely look forward to trying it one day.

      All the best to you with your upcoming surgery :).

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