05: Jared Easley on starving your doubts and building a business that matters

Jared Easley is the host of the podcast Starve the Doubts, and co-founder of Podcast Movement, the premier live conference for podcasters.  He’s the author of the book Podcasting Good to Great, and co-author of Stop Chasing Influencers.

Jared has made a name for himself in a short period of time, all while being a master of leaving people in better shape than the way he found them.

We can learn a lot from the way Jared operates, so I am delighted to share his story and the lessons he’s picked up along the way.

Key points:

  • How to start getting people to notice you and your message
  • How to keep from wasting your time with a new project or product idea
  • Which group of people you need to surround yourself with to become more successful
  • The two questions you should ask before you start a project
  • How to perform better than most entrepreneurs
  • The important question fear and doubt can cause you to ask
  • One of the best ways to grow your business

Listen to the 25-minute episode here:

Watch the show here:

Show notes:

I Am the One Challenge:

Apply the key lessons from this episode with this challenge question on “Idea Validation.” I prepared a worksheet for you to help you think about and answer the challenge question for your business.

When you grab this worksheet, you’ll have access to each worksheet for every episode as well.

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