07: Katie Krimitsos on building a business that fits your needs

Katie Krimitsos is the founder and host of the podcast “Biz Women Rock,” a show that profiles women who are kicking some major butt with their businesses.

As a result of her podcast, Katie has built a thriving community in addition to the business that she runs full time with her husband.

We can learn a bunch from Katie’s experience in building a business while juggling a whole lot of other important things that require her attention.

Key points:

  • Why being selfish can help you start a thriving business
  • Why branding is foundational to the success of your business
  • The branding element that trips everyone up, and why it’s really not that important
  • What you need to force yourself to become good at as an entrepreneur
  • What the real measure of success is
  • What to do on those days when you “beat yourself up”
  • The mindset of the most successful business people


Listen to the 27-minute episode here:

Watch the episode here:

Show notes:

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