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        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks Tor for being so gracious with your response! Congrats on overcoming your fear and discomfort. It’s fabulous to see that it has led you to so much success!
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks Tee, my pleasure! I hope it helped you clear any mental barriers that may have been holding you back :)
        • Sonia Thompson says

          My pleasure to have you Navid! So many people experience the same barrier that you did. It’s nice to see what happens when we take the time and focus! :) Thanks for sharing your story!
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks so much John! It was my pleasure to feature your story. Not feeling “ready” has been something I’ve often struggled with, as well as many other entrepreneurs. So it’s super inspiring to see what happens when we take action anyway – even when we feel like we need more time! :)
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks so much for participating Darren! Lots of great people in the line-up, and glad to have you be a part of it. And thanks for sharing your story! So many entrepreneurs underestimate the value of community, until they don’t have it. Thanks for being a part of mine :)
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Pamela – thank you for contributing! Your story is one that so many entrepreneurs experience, I’m super glad you were able to help us stop thinking small :)
    1. Anita Mazurek says

      It’s so helpful to know I’m not alone in feeling afraid sometimes or unsure if I’m doing everything “right”. These are some of the people I admire the most and reading your article inspired me to keep going like they all did. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Sonia!
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Anita – I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! You’re right – it’s easy to feel like we are the only ones experiencing fear and self-doubt, but we’re not. And I’m so glad you’re inspired to keep going. :)
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks so much Melissa for being a part of it! A lot of people feel the way you did, so I’m super glad you shared your story! :)
    1. Andrew says

      Hey Sonia, Great post and round up here. Congrats in this being your first one. What Joanna said really resonated with me. I’m too, at times, feel like I’m not good enough and have to do better at x, y and z. And I like the mantra she has to overcome it too. Everyone shared some really great answers here. Loved reading how they all overcame it. Thanks for the inclusion in this roundup, Sonia. Truly appreciate it and great job. – Andrew
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Thanks Andrew – and many thanks for being a part of it. It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs are plagued with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. But talking about it sure does help – and it’s great to get additional strategies for how to overcome it!
    1. Sherman Smith says

      Hey Sonia, This was a nice roundup. We think that successful bloggers and entrepreneurs are natural out-of-this world humans who have a knack for attracting success to them. In reality, they’re just like everyone else. I can really resonate what Henneke said. I didn’t have all the confidence to get started, had self doubt, and had some outside critics. It was when I actually got my first sale from a PPC ad and a sale from Solo Ad that gave me confidence that this internet marketing thing works. When I started to get some recognition and a couple of more sales from my blog, that made it even better. So I make sure that I learn from other bloggers and listen to my inner voice that’s trying to help point me in a more productive direction. And from this, I started to attract more people who are like me and more supportive. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Years!
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Hey Sherman – Happy New Year to you as well! Definitely – those critics and not so nice inner voices do pop up. I’m glad you found a way to move forward and listen to the inner voice who was supporting you. Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy road. But thriving is possible. I definitely agree that it helps to know that other people – even the super successful people we all admire – struggle with many of the same issues we do. It’s a reminder that we’re all in this together :)
    1. Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ says

      Hi Sonia,
      Great roundup,
      Its really good to see some of my favorite bloggers in this list.
      But sad to say most of them are new to me, i will surely have a visit to each of them shortly.
      Its indeed a tedious job to create a roundup post though the major works the content texts are delivered by the mentioned people there is a lot of hard work and home work to do it along!
      Well done post Sonia!
      Keep writing
      Have a Great Year of sharing and caring
      Best regards
      ~ Philip
      PS: Here is a roundup post i recently posted:
        • Sonia Thompson says

          Hey Philip – thanks so much for stopping by with your comment! You are right – round-up posts are a ton of work, but it really is nice to see them all come together – especially when it’s able to drive a point home for the audience, and get them to see a challenge in a whole new light. Nice job on the round-up post! :)

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