The four people you need to build a successful business


Ever wonder what the secret weapon was behind all the super successful people? Sometimes it seems like others are building a business with lightning speed, while you move along at a turtle’s pace. That can be frustrating. The truth is, those super successful people do have a secret weapon. And you can have it too. Here’s how.

What to do after you fail (because all entrepreneurs fail at some point), with Danny Iny

I Am the One

Sometimes the path to our business success can be a rocky one. We may fall down. Our worst fears may happen. But we can survive our failures. In fact, you can even thrive after them. But you have to learn from them. And you’ve gotta keep moving forward. That’s just one of things you’ll pick up from my chat with Danny. There’s lots of other good stuff you won’t want to miss in the interview too. Check it.

How to guarantee the success of your business

Ever wonder what the key ingredient was that separates those who have wild success with their business from those that don’t? It’s not money, formal education, or even connections. It’s something you absolutely have the ability to possess. And when you use it appropriately, you’re guaranteed to achieve business success.

When to spend the money you earn in your business

Isn’t it a fantastic feeling when you check your bank account and are able to see the fruits of your labor in your business? And when that money does come in, it can be tempting to spend it.

But is spending the money you earn the right thing to do? Or should you save it?

That was the question TRY Business community member Rosemary had. And today’s post is a brief video with my response to her question.

Delight Me Episode 4: How to woo your customers

Wondering what you need to do to get your customers to fall head over heels madly in love with you? Wonder no more. In this episode, I chat with Jerod Morris about the tactics he’s using to get his customers to fall head over heels for his new blog

Wanna know something cool? All the things Jerod’s doing to woo his customers are tips that are included in the eBook 95 Ways to get your customers to love you.

19 Ways to get your customers to love you

Yesterday I paid a visit to the staff at my favorite hotel. I only left them last week, but I couldn’t stay away. I just love them!

For me, uttering the “L” word doesn’t come easy. But when I say it, I mean it. And with the many businesses these days that do their very best to do nothing more than just satisfy customers, coming across one that I can say I actually love is quite remarkable.

Here’s the backstory.

What’s your reputation?

Building a reputation for your business has many benefits, as long as the reputation that you want to have is aligned with the way in which your customers view you. As you build your marketing strategy, be sure to give adequate attention to what you want your reputation to be, and how to execute upon […]