In case you missed them, here are posts I’ve written on business and marketing around the web:


Follow this superstar’s 7-step example to dominate your industry

Firepole Marketing

The Bruno Mars guide to quickly growing a massive audience of raving fans

The missing manual:  The proper care and feeding of your customers 

Boost Blog Traffic

Demystifying epic content:  How to actually create it (Not just jabber about how important it is)

Write to Done

The simple, super-sexy, and science-backed way to improve your writing skills 


7 Essential steps to start making a living doing what you love (Finally!)

How to make your dreams come true in 9 simple steps 

Why you shouldn’t quit your dream

The Huffington Post


Team Project Mayhem

23 Ways to get your customers to love you

Social Quant

3 Proven ways to go from social media dud to social media stud

12 Most

12 Most indispensable habits for keeping your customers blissfully happy


 4 Lessons learned during my two-month adventure in breathtaking South America (photos)


On keyword research, magic words, and creating content your audience will love

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