10: Stephen Guise on why lowering your standards is key to success

Stephen Guise is the author of the book Mini-Habits, an international book he self-published that’s been translated into more than 12 languages.

He’s also turned his book into a course, to further help readers make mini-habits a part of their everyday life.

His second book, How to be an Imperfectionist launched earlier this year and it’s fabulous too.  Now if all that hasn’t made you tired yet, Stephen is also the founder of Deep Existence, a no-fluff personal development blog.

Stephen’s got great strategies to share that can totally transform your life and the way you work.  So you’re gonna want to listen to what he’s got to say, cause it’s key to your success!

Key points:

  • What to do when other people don’t see your value
  • The thing you need to make your book a best-seller
  • Why motivation is a terrible strategy to try and reach goals
  • Why trying harder is rarely a solution to a problem
  • The big flaw with many people’s approach to their goals
  • The simple trick to change your emotions about doing something
  • The one thing that will push you through hard times of your business

Listen to the 29-minute episode here:

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Show notes:

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