19: The intangible benefits of being an entrepreneur

Anthony Sills is the founder of Professional Pen Writers, a copywriting agency where he helps businesses effectively communicate with their ideal customers.

Through blog posts, web copy, white papers, and other content, Anthony writes the words that attracts and converts an audience.

Anthony’s got a ton of lessons to share about the sometimes bumpy journey, and the intangible benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • Why having the greatest solution to solve your customers’ problem isn’t enough
  • Why sometimes you need to unlearn your training to get the best results
  • Why finding your passion doesn’t always need to be your first step when starting a business
  • Why you should fail every day
  • What to do when you screw up
  • The intangible benefits of owning your own business
  • What to do with the punches life throws you

Listen to the 26-minute episode here:

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Show notes:

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