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  1. Great post with good personal examples. Your spot on.
    I having way much fun and too many items I suppose, but I am passionate about life. So I am learning piano, I am also a Tai Chi instructor for the Community College, enjoy learning web pages and love teaching kids. Will be 62 next year and may also be leaving the states but who knows. Focus, Vices and time management and building my support system are the hills.

    Your voice is definitely an inspiration for the planet. I plan to have a Tai Chi site available shortly but you may want to find an instructor. Tai Chi will give you the grace, flow and health benefits for life. I been doing it since 1979 and thankful that at 61 I am medication free, little arthritis but feeling good enough to enjoy my retirement or at least get my SS back without giving it to the doctors.
    6 years graphic experience in corporate environment 83-90, college mental health counseling moved into teaching public school 2007. Substitute mentoring using mental health skills to combine life skills along with lesson plans. Kids appear drawn to my style. Now going back into technology upon retirement. Looking to do workshops for the kids. $10 hr. 5 kids. $50 hr. Soo this is where I am at.
    OK, I have a web tutor in person, online tutor and taking classes, so I should be up and rolling by September.
    I was a jazz guitarist but got basal thumb arthritis had drop guitar picked up piano. 3 yr. Goal to get back on point. Also enjoy teaching music to kids have had workshops with guitar nothing steady due to focus and entrepreneurial skill sets.

    And lastly, I teach Tai Chi. So my plate is full of art. And maybe I should dream bigger and go for a cultural art center. But that’s gonna take some therapy. Only 24 hr. in a day so persistent focus is a must. Thanks for this post. I’ll give back what I can in experience and networking until we develop a price and a plan I am sure you can blow me up.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Greg! Looks like you’ve got a wealth of experiences from which to pull from to build a business. Keep going!

      And I’ve heard many wonderful things about Tai Chi – I just may give it a try! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this article. I try to address any insecurities, negative self talk on a daily basis. Hey, just responding to this article is stepping outside of my comfort zone! I often monitor my feeling and if I’m not feeling good about a certain topic/task then I know that I have some resistance around it. I then do a root cause analysis. Often it’s a belief that no longer serves me. Also, I now do less “efforting” and more allowing coming from a place of happiness.

    • Hey Yvelle – so glad you enjoyed it, and even more happy that you took a step out of your comfort zone to comment :).

      It seems like the approach you are taking is super smart, and one I’m hoping serves you well. I’ve been working lately on getting better at not suppressing my own feelings, so that I’m able to “do a root cause analysis” as you mention. That of course helps me deal with it in the right way.

      All the best to you!

  3. Hey Sonia. I really liked this article and agree with all you’ve said for a few reasons.
    – A lot of self-development books don’t address the challenges and insecurities people face when they decide to grow themselves or become entrepreneurs. However, in my opinion, the most important part, or one of the most important parts of personal growth is being able to manage your insecurities and nerves so they don’t stop you, rather even help you, to achieve your goals and succeed. I feel like if I want to grow, I need to put all my excuses, fears and insecurities in my face and in the light, give me that swift kick up the butt I need, and set me back on track. Ideally, a mentor would be great for that as well as helping me with getting a business off the ground!

    – Surrounding yourself with high performing people is so important. I’ve actually never heard of anyone who became an entrepreneur all by themselves without any help from anyone else. There’re exceptions I’m sure, but putting yourself in a group of high performers forces you to do the things they’re doing and to raise your own standards or else you wouldn’t be contributing to the group. Jim Rohn said it best: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. It’s so cliché lol! but holds ever true for anyone who wants to reach their full potential. These days I’ve been looking for business mastermind groups to be part of as well as trying to grow in my own skills that I want to form a business around.

    – I feel ashamed to admit this and put it public, but I see myself a true “wantrapreneur”. Someone who talks about wanting to be an entrepreneur, wants to provide value to others, wants financial freedom and able to live the lifestyle of my own design, but I just can’t seem to get the ball rolling because of procrastination and overwhelm. I truly want to be an entrepreneur, and I know I’ll fail plenty of times and make mistakes to get there, and I know how challenging it is to actually become one, but I still see myself one day running my own show.

    – The “force your hand” and “Log some serious hours” part was awesome because to me I’d actually be happy to work 17 hour days for myself, develop my craft and my dream rather than 8 for someone else’s. I do have a website started but building it, developing it and getting remarkable content produced is the tough part.
    I feel overwhelmed by even the basic technical blog know-how, but I also feel disempowered because I’m still living at home and because there are likely many more things I’ll run into that I fear I won’t know how to deal with, which causes me to procrastinate and not get the ball rolling. What I’m doing with fear is similar in concept to the halo effect; not good!

    • Hey Alex – thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful comment!

      Sounds like you are working to get your insecurities in check, and it helps that you are getting comfortable making yourself a bit vulnerable by acknowledging them. That’s a fantastic first step.

      Now the key is for you to fight the overwhelm by taking small steps forward. That will help you make progress, it will build your confidence, and put you on the path to being an entrepreneur.

      Totally agree with you – surrounding yourself with like-minded people is key – so hopefully you’ve got some people in your circle who are entrepreneurs or working toward it. If you don’t, keep hanging around here :).

      You can do it! You can make life better and make your dreams come true. You’ve just got to keep going.

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