26: What science and baseball can teach you about growing your business

David Shifrin is the founder of Filament Life Science Communications, where he helps early-stage life sciences companies communicate effectively to their ideal customers.

David also hosts a podcast, Science Writing Radio, where he teaches scientists how to get better at telling the story of their work.

We can learn a ton from David, in particular his approach to transforming himself from a lab scientist into an entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • How to deal with ideal customers who don’t know they have a problem
  • The Don Draper advice that’s essential to entrepreneurs
  • How to supplement your business knowledge when you’re not a “business” person
  • How to get a top-notch business education on a teeny-tiny graduate student budget
  • The coveted trait baseball players and scientists have in common (and how it will help you with growing your business)
  • Why clarity is underrated (plus the danger in not having it)
  • What happens when you “wait to get fed” as an entrepreneur

Listen to the 25-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for a great conversation, Sonia! What you’re doing is awesome, and it was a pleasure and honor to get to be a small part of that.

    Would be happy to follow up on any questions or comments if the listeners want to chat.

    • Sonia Thompson says

      David – the pleasure was all mine! Thanks for being such a gracious and willing guest, and sharing your experiences. I learned a ton! :)

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