14: What to do after you fail (because all entrepreneurs fail at some point) with Danny Iny

Danny Iny is the founder of Firepole Marketing.  Since 2011, he and his team have been working hard helping thousands of students build their online businesses.

Danny’s also the author of Engagement from Scratch, and he just released a new book, Teach and Grow Rich.

Danny’s got lot’s of lessons to share, with us about his journey to success, including key lessons about failure, and how he became a 10-year overnight success :)

Key points:

  • What the default assumption should be for every entrepreneur
  • Wh a failed start-up is like a failed relationship
  • The key to becoming an “overnight success”
  • What small business owners should focus their energy on when just starting out
  • Why the job description of an entrepreneur changes regularly
  • What types of resources you should invest in for continuous learning and improvement

Listen to the 28-minute episode here:

Watch the episode here:

Show notes:

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