35: Where to find everything you need to grow your business

James Loomstein is a managing partner at Rogue Marketing, a full-service digital marketing strategy firm that helps their clients build their brand, amplify their channels, and minimize their risk.

He’s also an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University.

We can learn a ton from James’ experiences, particularly his approach to finding the everything he needs to grow his business.

Key points:

  • The biggest problems start-ups have
  • The world’s most powerful Rolodex
  • The proper way to think of social media
  • Why emotional wins are sometimes just as important as actual wins
  • One of the biggest attributes needed to be an entrepreneur
  • The essential thing you need to go far in your business
  • Why living in a gray area can be great for your business

Listen to the 37-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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