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  1. Thanks for this article, Sonia.

    It’s actually sad how we so often get sucked into our comfort zones without being aware of it. I really like your diagram with the “temporary discomfort” area :o) So true.

    • Hey Colin – you’re right, it is sooooooo easy to get lulled into just hanging out in our comfort zone. That’s why we’ve got to actively look for ways to do things that make us feel uncomfortable.

      When we get into the habit of this, it’ll be easier to recognize when we’re not pushing ourselves.

      Thanks so much for stopping by with your comment – and glad you liked the diagram! :)

  2. Hi Sonia
    I enjoy reading your articles. Very relevant and helpful.
    This one in particular has been an eye opener, and wake up call, particularly because I am really in a comfort zone and I am not challenged at work.

    • Hey Manu – so glad you enjoyed the article, and that it sparked something in you. Hopefully you’ll be able to take a step forward outside your comfort zone very soon to put you in motion to making the changes you’d like. :)

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